About Shuttle

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Shuttle Taxi is a first Ukrainian Shared Transfer Service working on Kyiv – Boryspil’ Int’l Airport – Kyiv routes.

As you place an order, we pick up passengers from two or three (maximum) addresses on our way:

shuttle_route_03_enHere is example of our typical route.
It takes from 40 to 80 minutes to reach final destination point.

WE OFFER FLAT RATES (any address):

  • 1 person = 179 UAH (apprx. 6.6 EUR only)*
  • 2 persons (one address) = 189 UAH (apprx. 7 EUR only)*
  • 3 persons (one address) = 199 UAH (apprx. 7.4 EUR only)*
  • 4-6 persons (one address) = 579-779 UAH (apprx. 29 EUR only)**
  • 7-9 persons (one address) = 679-999 UAH (apprx. 37 EUR only)**
    * if there is another passenger in your shuttle.
    ** mini-bus Mercedes Vito, Renault Trafic – like class.

How to use:

  • Place an order (date, time, address etc.)
  • We estimate if we can pick up another passengers in your shuttle
  • We contact you several hours before picking you up and tell you final price and time*
    * in there are no another passengers, we can send you private taxi; you may know the price of private taxi from our operators via phone or chat on website (in the right corner)
    NB: the typical price for private taxi from airport to the center of Kyiv is about 13 EUR;
    NNB: You may always cancel your order on any changes.

Our Pluses:

  • Pick up guarantee. We will never say “sorry, there are no free cars”.
  • Price is the King.
  • We work 24х7.
  • Your safety is our priority. All phone calls are recorded to resolve any possible issue.
  • We do not serve in-city transportations. Our specialization is transfer services since 2012 (from and to airport).
  • We pay attention on your landing. You tell us your flight number, we watch it online.
  • No extra fees on night, on preliminary orders, on card payment etc.
  • Our driver will give you a receipt.
  • We can meet you with a name plate (private taxi only; +99 UAH to main tariff = apprx. 3.7 EUR).
  • We call on foreign (non-Ukrainian) phone numbers.
  • You may contact us via Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram.
  • We speak English.
  • You may also pay by invoice. See “Corporate Services”.


Cars we use

  • Depending on number of passengers on the route:
    sedan / combi / mini-van / mini-bus.
  • Smoke-free, clean cars only.
  • All our cars are safe and serviced as it required. We drive much and pay attention to our cars.
  • From 15 of November till 15 april (or if air temperature is less than +5°С) we use winter tires only.

Shuttle Service Coverage Area

  • If your address is not in the city boundaries, you may book a private taxi:



License АГ №592136 24.08.2011